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VWM is revolutionizing the almond and nut industry with its advanced processing equipment and processing line system designs. With the introduction of VWM's SuperVac systems and VI-PRO high speed vibratory equipment, quality of process and line efficiency is reaching new highs never before possible. With equipment in place at select processing facilities and installations underway, VWM is committed to the continued advancement of almond and nut processing to new industry levels.

VWM's Advanced Processing lines will be in place in Chile's dried fruit industry in 2013. VWM processing lines will be running at New Agra taking line speeds and processing efficiency to new levels.

Meeting the increasing demands of the recycling industry, VWM has introduced innovative design and equipment that maximize the recycling process. With VWM's Advanced Processing designs, separation of undesirable products from the glass are achieved with a low cost high efficiency solution.

VWM continues to set new standards in the California raisin industry installing high speed Advanced Processing designs that increase line speeds up to 300%. With more and more processors being introduced to this high speed technology, new achievements in process and efficiency are being reached every day. All phases of the process are seeing the benefits of VWM's state of the art designs. From complete processing to Pre Cleaning and Receiving, we are able to do it all in 1/3 the time of older equipment capabilities. All with higher quality of process. Contact VWM to take your processing line to levels never before possible.

VWM continues to set new standards in the California raisin industry with another complete raisin processing line utilizing VWM's Advanced Processing equipment resulting in maximized line speeds and processing efficiency. The line will feature VWM's VI-PRO technology combined with VWM's SUPER VAC defect removal system along with many new features.

VWM is once again breaking new ground with its manufacturing and design of hi-speed raisin processing. With VWM's new system designs quality of process is maximized while production capacities reach levels never before possible on a single line. Contact VWM to advance your processing line to the next level.

VWM's new VI-PRO® vibratory process is leading the way in vibratory conveyors. With new advancements in design and fabrication VI-PRO® covers an even wider variety of applications and hi capacity requirements. With product speeds up to 70 FPM VI-PRO® vibratory conveyors can handle any process requirement.

VWM's De Clumper is proving to be the best product De Clumper / Product Singulator available in the food processing industries. With its versatile product applications and simple operation it has become first choice for those who require free flowing product in a continuous process.