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Advanced Raisin Processing - VWM The Worlds #1 Choice

Maximize your raisin processing line efficiency with
VWM Advanced Processing Equipment

VWMWorks is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of Raisin Processing Machinery.

Our equipment has become the industry standard as VWM's state of the art innovative designs provide the most efficient and effective Raisin Processing Lines available. With over 7 decades of experience in the Raisin Industry VWM's commitment to excellence has resulted in processing equipment that produces top quality finished product while maintaining the highest yields and low cost line operation. If you want the best in Raisin Processing Machinery use VWM, specializing in: Complete lines available in a wide range of capacities from 4,000 to 70,000 lbs per hour. VWM specializes in:

  • High speed pre scalping systems
  • Super Vac stem removal
  • Dry Cappers
  • Rotation Recleaners
  • Dumping And Feeding
  • Sugar Coating
  • De Clumping
  • Size Grading Lines
  • Washing Lines
  • Automatic Bulk Packaging


Valley Welding & Machine Works has partnered with Mariani Packing Company on numerous projects including design build fruit processing systems, proactive maintenance and turnkey equipment installations.

Their after-sale technical, field service and spare component support is exceptional.

marinariBob Miller
Facilities/Maintenance Manager
Mariani Premium Dried Fruits

The machinery we purchased from Valley Welding & Machine Works for our plants in Japan and China is reasonably priced and dependable.

We do business with VWMworks because they give us the right information and advice when we need it right away.

shoeiKaz Yamaguchi
Shoei Foods Corporation
Manager of Fruits & Nuts Dept.

Valley Welding is a sound company to work with.

They understand our unique needs and provide us with excellent service and support.

sun maidBill Danner
Maintenance Manager
Sun-Maid Growers of California



VWM Advanced Raisin Processing
Grading Line

The VWM Advanced Raisin Processing Grading Line provides efficient cleaning and sizing. Removal of stems, dirt, and debris are maximized to provide top quality raisins.

washing packing

VWM Advanced Raisin Processing
Washing and Packing Line

The VWM Advanced Raisin Processing Washing and Packing Line provides a thorough and complete washing and final defect removal prior to packaging.

  • The VWM Deluxe Bin Dumper allows you to load and stage up to four full raisin bins to be conveyed, product dumped, and empty bins stacked for convenient unloading providing efficient, uninterrupted raisin processing.
  • The VWM Feeder Belt Conveyor controls the speed and capacity of product flow for the raisin line with its adjustable metering wheel which also breaks up any large raisin clumps.
  • The VWM High Speed Scalping Vi-Pro® Vibratory Conveyor makes the initial removal of long stems and clumps.
  • The VWM SuperVAC® System with Fines Removal Vi-Pro® Vibratory Infeed Conveyor removes dirt, debris, smaller stems, and substandard raisins.
  • VWM‘s SuperVAC® System is designed to maximize efficiency of product cleaning and separation.
  • The VWM Fines Removal Vi-Pro® Vibratory Infeed Conveyor removes sand, dirt, and chaff from your raisins, and disposes it all neatly through a discharge chute into a bin.
  • The VWM Dry Capper gently removes the cap stems from the raisins via high speed rotating rubber paddles.
  • The VWM SuperVAC® ensures maximum stem removal.
  • VWM Fines Removal Vi-Pro® Vibratory Conveyors after VWM Dry Capper
  • The VWM Bucket Elevator is an efficient way to elevate product while minimizing valuable processing floor space.
  • The VWM Vi-Pro® Vibratory Size Grader efficiently sorts raisins through various sized screens of your selection. The sorted raisins are discharged into individual bins.
  • The VWM Vi-Pro® Vibratory Size Grader provides even product distribution for sizing efficiency.
  • VWM’s Vi-Pro® Washer provides a thorough and gentle wash to your product with sprays and specially designed screens.
  • VWM’s Wash Station is an effective way to remove rocks, dirt, and debris from your product.
  • The VWM Riffle De-Stoner removes rocks and then the De-Watering Vi-Pro® provides a fresh water, high pressure, rinse.
  • The VWM Raisin Recleaner finalizes debris removal, wet capping, and removal of surface moisture via centrifuge action.
  • VWM High Speed Raisin Processing
  • VWM High Pressure Air Knife moisture dryer.
  • The VWM Oiling Auger coats the raisins with a layer of oil before packaging.
  • VWM’s Automatic Bulk Packaging Line.

Raisin Processing Dry

Raisin Processing Wet

  • VWM 1-3 Ton Per Hour Line
  • VWM Dry Capper with Twin Vacuums
  • VWM SuperVAC®
  • VWM Eccentric Vibratory Size Grader
  • VWM Pre-Cleaning Line
  • VWM Trommel Scalper with Vacuum
  • VWM Dry Capper with Vacuum

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